Diplomatic Sales Program

Benefits & Advantages

Main Benefits

Once you decide to purchase new car you need a reliable partner. With our extensive experience in diplomatic sales Audi can become one for you. We will provide you with our comprehensive approach:

  • Special prices for customers under Diplomatic Sales Program
  • Cars in various specifications to meet your future location requirements
  • Customs clearance advise
  • Special pricing policy for service
  • 2 year Audi worldwide warranty
  • Over 3000 spare parts in stock
  • Be ready to encounter premium level of standard equipment in most of Audi cars, which also includes some of our state-of-the-art technologies:
  • quattro® permanent all-wheel-drive provides high levels of active safety and improved traction on virtually all surfaces
  • The S-tronic dual-clutch transmission delivers an almost anesthetic and smooth gearshift, powerful acceleration and high level of comfort. The ease of use of the automatic transmission combined with the fuel economy as of a manual transmission makes it the best choice for the customer.
  • The Electronic Stability Program (ESP) helps make the vehicle easier to control in handling situations close to the limit. It incorporates the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) and the Traction control (ASR).
  • Sideguard® head-protection airbags cover the side window area
  • TFSI direct fuel injection system adds torque and boosts gasoline engines, while reducing harmful emissions and fuel consumption by up to 15% thanks to a state-of-the-art turbocharger.
  • TDI® clean diesel engines deliver exceptional power and performance while maintain low level of fuel consumption and emissions
  • Aluminum body built on Audi Space Frame principle (ASF®) provides exceptional stiffness and above-average crash protection which means greater safety, increased performance, improved handling, lower fuel consumption, and ease of repair
  • Audi adaptive air suspension is an electronically controlled air suspension system at all four wheels with a continuously adaptive damping system. It unites sporty handling with a high level of ride comfort. In addition, the air suspension allows for speed-dependent lowering of the body

Special terms and conditions

We are committed to providing best terms of purchase to our diplomatic customers who can benefit from special prices free of customs duties and VAT according to international standards. Audi Diplomatic Sales Program preserves all the privileges of our clients as it was created in accordance with basic international agreements and conventions:
  • Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, 1961.
  • Vienna Convention on consular relations, 1963.
  • UN convention on the privileges and immunities of the specialized agencies, 1947.
  • Further agreements between Armenia and various international organizations.
The following groups of customers are eligible to take part in the Audi Diplomatic Sales Program:
  • Embassies and Consulate Offices within Armenian territory.
  • Armenian offices of International organizations.
  • Diplomatic, consular and administrative personnel of aforementioned bodies.
  • Foreign residents and management personnel of international organizations.
  • Foreign citizens possessing diplomatic and/or customs privileges in Armenia